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Khalwale takes legal action against Toto over Kizito Moi’s demise

Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale has initiated legal action against Cleophas Shimanyula, aka Toto over Kizito Moi’s demise.

The Senator termed the allegations unfounded and false thus the reason why he recorded a statement at Malinya police station.

“I’ve today commenced the process for legal responsibility by Kakamega contractor Cleophas Shimanyula, aka Toto following his wild, baseless, unfounded and false claims in respect of the death of my fighter bull caretaker, the late Kizito Moi Amukune. Formally recorded a complaint in the OB at Malinya Police Station.” he said

Following the allegations, a second autopsy was conducted on the body of Kizito Moi which also confirmed that the fighter bull caretaker indeed was killed by a bull.

Toto had accused the Senator of being behind his death after learning some crucial information about the caretaker thus the reason why he was first at the scene.

He continued by posing to ask why Khalwale was so fast to clean the body and also accused him of knowing something as the deceased could have called for help which could have been heard by someone inside the main house.

The allegations saw a section of Kenyans question why the Senator was quick to kills his bull and later distribute it among villagers.

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