Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Rogue police officer arrested over robbery with violence

A rogue police officer has been arrested in Kisii after he was cornered by members of the public following a robbery with violence incident.

“A rogue police officer is in custody after he was cornered by members of the public in a violent robbery on February 3, 2024. Police Constable Edgar Opollo was saved from a furious mob by Kisii Central police who were on patrol, after finding the armed suspect under a hail of hefty blows.

On enquiry, the officers established that the suspect had robbed a smart phone from a Kisii University student, and on frisking the injured suspect found the phone. He was arrested and escorted to the station.” said DCI

The same officer has also been identified in Ksh 40,000 heist at PEPS Mini Supermarket at Corner Mbaya where three robbers attacked the shop as captured on CCTV before making away with the said cash.

“Meanwhile, DCI detectives in the area had been pursuing an armed gang of three who on 2nd January, 2024 robbed Sh40,000 from PEPS Mini Supermarket which is situated at Corner Mbaya.

The incident was captured by CCTV cameras showing three robbers who had partly covered their faces, two of whom were armed, one with an AK47 and the other with a pistol. The rifle bearer had police fatigues on, but it was not apparent that he was a police officer.

Following Opollo’s arrest, an identification parade was conducted where the supermarket owner successfully identified him as one of the robbers who accosted him. Further investigations have revealed that the suspect is a General Service Unit officer deployed in Kisii.

He continues recuperating under police guard at a Kisii hospital pending interrogation and arraignment for robbery with violence.” said DCI

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