Monday, June 17, 2024

Media Council of Kenya raises concern in reporting ‘femicide’ cases

Media Council of Kenya has raised concern over the reporting deaths occurring in apartments and other places are in breach of the Code of Conduct in the practice of journalism.

Through a statement, the council noted that the deaths which are being branded ‘femicide’ should be reported with accuracy instead of depicting gender biasness.

It is because of the recent cases involving women that MCK has observed reporting of such incident has been done to look like a battle of genders instead of being objective.

“The Council has, however observed that the media has joined a bandwagon making the crimes look like a battle of the genders instead of clearly and objectively reporting on the issues surrounding such incidences and drawing verifiable patterns, if any to help those responsible design appropriate interventions.” said MCK

Journalist have hereby been urged to be accurate and fair on subjects of new coverage are treated with respect and dignity, showing compassion to the victims of crime or tragedy.

It is due to recent coverage that it has also been observed that privacy of families bereaved or affected has been infringed by journalist, something that is being normalized by the media.

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