Friday, May 24, 2024

Kimani Ichung’wa tables a revised Affordable Housing Bill

Majority leader Kimani Ichung’wa has table a revised Affordable Housing Bill seeking to remove irregularities as mentioned by the court.

The new bill will now see the appointment of a board that will oversee the running of the fund unlike how it is currently running.

The board will consist of Principal Secretaries from both Treasury and Housing department as well as a representative from the Council of Governors (CoG), COTU and the Federation of Kenya Employers.

The new bill also proposes 30 % of the housing levy to be channeled to the National Housing Corporation, 30% for slum upgrading and 36 per cent for affordable housing.

The court had on November 28th declared the fund unconstitutional questioning its biasness as it was charged on section of Kenyans and not those in the informal sector.

They also challenged it management and implementation as public participation was not considered before it kicked off.

After halting its operations, the government requested a 45 days window to review the contracts with its suppliers who they have a contract with. It is through the window they confirmed moving to a higher court to challenge the decision.

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