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Kindiki declares nationwide crackdown of illicit liquor

Interior CS Kithure Kindiki has declared a nationwide crackdown of illicit liquor in the country as he called on security personnel to effect the directive immediately.

“The Government will immediately conduct a Nationwide crackdown on illicit liquor, and security teams in all 47 Counties are instructed to effect the directive comprehensively. All outlets selling illicit alcohol must be closed, and those owning or running them apprehended and prosecuted in accordance with the law.

Henceforth, the manufacturing, trade, and sale of illicit brew will be dealt with ruthlessly, in similar way to terrorism, banditry, and other complex criminal activities.” he said

The CS further called on security personnel in the counties to work with the county government to ensure that bars and various joints have valid licenses and close down non-compliant ones.

Chiefs and Assistant Chiefs have been tasked with taking data of those in need of rehabilitation from the various villages and area of jurisdiction.

“To curb the mushrooming of dens and outlets selling illicit liquor, security managers in Counties, Sub-Counties and Divisions are directed to work with County Governments’ leadership across the Country, to review licenses issued to bars, and close down those that are non-compliant.

To rehabilitate those who are chronically addicted to alcoholism and drugs, the Ministry of Interior and National Administration has established a program that will be cascaded to the villages.

Chiefs and Assistant Chiefs are instructed to collect data from every village within their jurisdiction for rehabilitation of the affected persons.

Security and National Government Administration Officers who aid, abet, and/or facilitate the manufacturing, trade, and consumption of illicit brew, narcotic drugs, and psychotropic substances will not only be sacked, but prosecuted.” said the CS

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