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Kindiki issues stern warning to police officers colluding with criminals

Interior CS Kithure Kindiki has issued a stern warning to police officer colluding with criminals that they will be sacked and not transferred as has been the case.

The CS was speaking in Meru country when addressing a Security and Intelligence Committee where he issued the warning and called for a speedy elimination of livestock threat in the country.

“Equally, security officers who are lax or collude with criminals for cheap financial gain will be severely punished. We will not transfer such rogue officers anymore, instead we will sack and prosecute them.

I appreciate the effort of many of our security officers in areas that have for years faced the challenge of banditry and livestock theft. You are working in difficult and risky terrains, and your sacrifice is invaluable. I encourage you to continue with this spirit of dedication and patriotism,” he said

As he congratulated officers fighting bandits, he also promised promotion and state awards to those combating livestock theft in the country.

“Officers who help neutralise and thwart the menace of livestock rustling will be recognised and rewarded through promotions and other state honours,” he said

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