Monday, July 15, 2024

Abdulswamad calls out the gov’t over failure to deal with drug barons

Mombasa Governor Abdulswamad Sheriff has called out the government for failing to arrest drug barons at the Coast.

Speaking on Saturday, the Mombasa Governor noted that the government has all the intelligence but has failed to deal with the menace that has destroyed the lives of many in the county.

He noted how as a County government they have established rehabilitation centres but the government has failed failed to stop the use and importation of drug barons.

He also called out the current regime for making false promises on how they will deal with the menace as he challenged them to use the same energy they have used to teargas Kenyans to fight drug use.

“Stop paying lip service and act! Let the security agencies arrest and parade drug barons for all to see rather than issue notice after notice. As a County Government, we have done our part to address rehabilitation, it’s time for those responsible for dealing with supply to do theirs!” he said.

According to Governor Abdulswamad, the government should not only arrest the drug barons but also line them up for the public to see them.

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