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Kisii Deputy Governor Robert Monda impeached by the Senate

Kisii Deputy Governor Robert Monda was on Thursday impeached by the Senate who voted overwhelmingly to ensure his ouster from office.

Over 34 Senators found him guilty of the four charges levelled against him which include abuse of office, gross violation of the constitution, gross misconduct and committing crimes under the national law.

“The senate has resolved to remove from office by impeachment Robert Monda, the Deputy Governor of Kisii, and he now ceases to hold office forthwith.” said Senate Speaker Amason Kingi.

Speaking at the floor of the house, Kakamega Senator Dr. Boni Khalwale noted that even though the crimes committed by the Deputy Governor had not been proven, he is likely guilty of receiving the bribes.

“We will be lying to ourselves that the young man has not proved that he sent money to the Deputy Governor, we will be lying to ourselves if we discount the evidence of the two ladies, and we will be lying to ourselves, if we told the country that the DG did not receive the money.” he said

It was family feud between Dennis Misati and his father Joseph Misati that dominated the Senate hearing that nailed Robert Monda’s fate as it was not welcomed at the plenary.

“God made man, man made money, and money made mad, to see a brother giving evidence against DG, to see a father giving evidence against assertions of his son, it can only be described as madness.” said Khalwale.

“The two days have been the saddest day in the institution of the family, a family is supposed to be united and to protect each other, but we have been invited to come in between the family, what example are we showing to the younger generation.’’ said Ledama Ole Kina

His ouster was also welcomed by Senator Gloria Orwoba and  Muranga Senator Joe Nyotu.

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