Saturday, June 22, 2024

KQ plane stuck at Kisumu Airport following a bird strike

A Kenya Airways plane was on Thursday temporarily immobilized at Kisumu International Airport following a bird strike on the runway.

Even though the plane landed safely and all passengers on board were safe, it was unable to exit to exit the runway as the bird’s strike had affected the steering components.

“Kenya Airways(KQ) confirms that on 30th May 2024 at around 18:36hrs KQ670 had a bird strike while landing at Kisumu International Airport resulting in the aircraft being temporarily stuck on the runway.

The aircraft landed safely in Kisumu, however it was not able to exit the runway fully as the bird strike affected the aircraft steering components. All passengers and crew onboard since disembarked the aircraft and are safe.” said KQ

The airline further confirmed that they they are working with the relevant authorities to have the aircraft removed and resume normal operations. Passengers on affected flights will be provided with updated travel information.

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