Friday, July 19, 2024

Lake Turkana Wind Power denies causing current power outage

Lake Turkana Wind Power (LTWP) has come out to clarify that it did not cause the current power outage in the country.

Through a statement, LTWP noted that it was forced to go offline and stop generation following overvoltage in the national grid which would have caused extreme damage, thus the need to automatically switch off.

The switch off according to LTWP caused instability and interruption in the grid system, a situation that could have been compensated by other power generators in the system.

According to the power generators, the plant has not yet resumed its operations since Friday but the loss in electricity in the national grid is beyond their scope.

“Since LTWP was forced to switch off on Friday evening, the plant has not yet been brought back into operation. During this period there have been further interruptions and outages in the national grid system which remain beyond the scope of LTWP and in fact prevent us from bringing the plant back online until these has been resolved.” read the statement

The statement was in response to Kenya Power’s statement on the cause of power outage in the country on Friday causing losses and delayed services in some parts of the country.

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