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Main suspect behind Roysambu Airbnb murder unmasked by CCTV camera

CCTV footage located outside the Roysambu Airbnb has unmasked the main suspect being gruesome death.

In the video, the suspect who was wearing a cap and black spectacles could be seen talking on phone before heading to the cashier where he handed over his phone before he was given the keys.

In his arms was a black bag which he held tightly before making a quick return to the cashier where he gave her the money.

The development comes a day when detectives from Kasarani police station spent over six hours combing the scene by moving house to house and shop to shop collecting any evidence needed in the probe.

The proprietor of the Airbnb Risper Muthoni revealed that the suspect contacted her over the phone, evidence that she had already handed over to the police.

Immediately after the incident, Risper was informed by the caretaker that some blood stains leading to her room had been spotted in the building. Upon her arrival, body parts of the victim were discovered in the sink before the police were alerted.

As on Monday, the body of the deceased had positively been identified by the family who declined to be interviewed.

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