Monday, July 15, 2024

Man filmed savagely beating his 8-year-old son goes into hiding

A man who was filmed savagely beating his 8-year-old son has gone into hiding as confirmed by DCI.

The suspect identified as Kenneth Otieno and resides in Nakuru is reported to have gone into hiding with his son leaving the safety of the little boy at stake.

“The DCI wishes to thank concerned members of the public who provided information on the identity of the man recorded on a video clip savagely beating his 8-year-old son, therefore enabling our officers to trace his home for purposes of effecting arrest.

Unfortunately, getting wind that the police were hot on his trail, the man identified as Kenneth Otieno disappeared with the young boy in the wee hours of today morning, just moments before our detectives knocked at his door in Nakuru.

The suspect’s whereabouts are unknown, and the safety of the little boy may be at stake.” said DCI

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