Monday, July 15, 2024

Kalonzo impressed by Gen Zs involvement in politics

Wiper party leader Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka has sent a message to Gen Zs in what he said was an impressive involvement in matters politics.

“Every hour, my admiration and appreciation for Kenya’s #GenZs grows by leaps and bounds.

From Eldoret to Nairobi, Garissa to Nyeri, Kisumu to Nyeri, Nanyuki to the State House gates in Nakuru and Nairobi, as well as many other parts of the country, you have been conscientious protestors to The Finance Bill, 2024.” he said

Kalonzo continued by calling out the police for what he termed as the use of excessive force to handle the protesters when they were practicing their constitutional right to picket and demonstrate.

“It is unfortunate that our security officers, who should be safeguarding you, are engaging in acts of intimidation and, when that spectacularly failed, resorted to the use of brutal force against you for peacefully exercising your constitutional rights to picket and demonstrate,” he said

He continued by expressing his disappointment by the 204 Members of Parliament who voted in support of the bill ignoring the voice of the people. He also applauded the 115 MP’s who rejected it.

“While your elder siblings, parents, and other family members continue to observe you with admiration, it is unfortunate that 204 Members of Parliament chose to ignore your voice.

I have repeatedly termed this Bill unreasonable, unsound, and uncorrectable. It is a grave betrayal of Kenyans and I applaud the 115 MPs who paid attention and Voted No on its Second Reading,” he said

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