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Mandera Deputy Governor decries inhumane treatment at Hajj

Mandera Deputy Governor Dr. Ali Maalim has decried over the inhumane treatment Kenyans faced during this year’s trip at Hajj.

Taking on social media, the Deputy Governor noted that 3,000 Kenyans were forced to share one washroom as 400 filled one tent at Mina.

“SHAME and INDIGNITY AT HAJJ This year, Kenyans performing Hajj endured deplorable, subhuman conditions, marked by indignity and shame. 3,000 Kenyans are forced to share a single washroom, 400 crammed into each tent at Mina, with many not assigned any space at all. Poorer nations are treated with dignity and respect.” he said

He continued by calling out SUPKEM for failing to come to their rescue despite the numerous complains lodged with them.

“SUPKEM is mandated to plan, negotiate & execute Hajj arrangements. Sadly, it has become an institution of deceit and corruption. SUPKEM dismissed and disregarded calls from various agencies to rectify this issue.

I implore relevant authorities to investigate SUPKEM and hold it accountable for this failure. It is time to consider forming a more effective entity and restore our nation’s honor. Photo below is a caption from a bathroom queue.” he said

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