Monday, July 15, 2024

Martha Karua questions Kenya Kwanza’s governance of the country

NARC-Kenya party leader Martha Karua has questioned the leadership of the Kenya Kwanza regime terming it worse than the dark KANU’s regime.

Karua who was speaking to former MP Cyrus Jirongo on the Savage Politics show said that the current regime does not care about the needs of the people thus allowing the whole country to sink to its lowest.

“The burden of taxation which is so heavy yet the budget outlook statement is clear that the burden is going to triple if not go beyond that, and the deterioration of services and quality of leadership makes me look back at where we have been,” she Karua.

“Look at our worst and best times. Our worst being the end days of the KANU era, our best being the Kibaki days, especially the initial days. I can say without equivocation that where we are is worse than the darkest days of KANU.” she continued

According to Martha Karua, the blame now solemnly lies on Kenyans who elected leaders with questionable qualities.

“The problem goes back to us individually and collectively as the voters in Kenya. We became so comfortable during the Kibaki era and the dividens spilled over to the Uhuru era. The economy was still growing and things were not as bad,” she said.

Karua called on Kenyans to exercise their right accordingly during the general election and bring in leaders who have a good plan for the country.

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