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Governor Wavinya Ndeti breaks silence over alleged misuse of funds

Machakos Governor Wavinya has responded to allegations by the Auditor General of misappropriation of funds in the construction of the county’s headquarters complex.

Through the CEC of Finance and Economic Planning Onesmus Kuyu noted that the budget for the proposed construction had been applied for by the previous regime back in 2018.

He continued by praising the Governor for finishing five more floors using the allocated funds in a period of one and a half years.

“The building had been done up to the seventh floor and as we speak now under the leadership of the Governor, she has been able to do five more floors in the past one and half years amidst very competitive choices for money,” he said

According to Kuyu, the issue has never been raised before by the Auditor General but the priority has been its completion which could happen in a year’s time.

“The issue that has always been raised in the successive years has always been about completion because the Auditor General is obviously concerned with the value for money,” said the CEC

On the issue of Ksh 178 million collection of sacco payments and pensions, he CEC noted that as a county they operate on a checkoff system where payments are collected and submitted to pay off loans.

“The Ksh.178 million relates to check off arrangements where we deduct money at source on behalf of the staff and remit to the financial institutions where they have taken loans,”  said Kuyu

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