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Member of deadly gang targeting motorists arrested in Nakuru

Detectives have arrested Joseph Ndung’u Waweru, a member of deadly gang targeting motorists after him and his gang attacked a woman in Naivasha.

The five member gang stole valuables at the home of Ms Nelly Cherop Kosgei on Valentines day before dashing off with her Nissan Dualis of Reg. no. KDC 302V.

“At 3am on Valentine Day, police at Naivasha Police Station received a distressed female reportee from Mirera estate who had been accosted by a five-man gang at her house and held hostage from 9pm to 2am the same night.

The victim, Ms Nelly Cherop Kosgei reported that she was at her house with her two kids and the house help, when five men, four of whom were dressed in jungle uniforms, stormed into the house while armed with crude weapons.

After subduing the family with threats to kill if they raised alarm, they ransacked the house for valuables before disappearing with two TV sets, two laptops, a JBL sound bar and four mobile phones.

The gang had then loaded the valuables in the complainant’s Nissan Dualis Reg. No. KDC 302V and sped off. Luckily, no one was physically harmed in the incident.” said DCI

After days of investigation, one member of the gang was arrested with a black Nissan Dualis but the Rg. No had been changed with those of a lorry which had also been stolen.

“In his possession was a black Nissan Dualis fitted with plates Reg. No. KDE 074Q. On verifying the chassis and engine numbers of the vehicle, it was discovered to have been registered under the names of Nelly Cherop Kosgei, and that the fitted plates belonged to a lorry.

Also recovered from the suspect were six sim cards, a pair of jungle green trousers, pliers, 14 steel tyre nuts, aerosol paint spray, a brown folded carton for carrying extra car registration plates and foreign currencies of different denominations including South African rand, Mauritius rupees and Uganda shillings.

After interrogation, detectives run a profiling on the arrested suspect, finding more leads to his accomplices.” said DCI

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