Monday, July 15, 2024

Mradi residents sue Nairobi City Council and NEMA over inferno incident

Mradi residents have now taken the Nairobi City Council, NEMA, EPRA, the Attorney General, Ministry of Energy and Maxxis Nairobi Energy to court over the Embakasi fire incident.

Through their lawyer Francis Mureithi, the resident are now seeking justice accusing the entities of failing to undertake their duties thus exposing the residents of Mradi to the inferno that affected them.

The Nairobi City Council failed them by allowing the operation of the gas plant as well as not reacting on time after the incident causing more problems to them that could have been avoided if they had responded promptly.

Maxxis Energy is accused of operating the refiling plant without putting in place the necessary precautions that would have prevented the incident from happening in the first place.

According to the residents the incident led to loss of lives, the accused violated their right to human dignity by exposing them to danger.

It is now their humble appeal through the court that they are allocated land for them to settle, paid damages for the loss they suffered including loss of lives and properties.

Immediately after the incident a month ago, ten people are reported to have died as hundreds sustained injuries. The number of fatalities is still rising as others succumb to the injuries they sustained.

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