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Two pishori babes arrested stupefying a clubber in Thika

Two women have been arrested for stupefying a male clubber in Thika using the famous mchele method.

“In what appears to be a grand return of ‘Pishori babes’ now rocking nocturnal activities in Kiambu’s Thika town, two damsels suspected to have stupefied a male clubber at VSpot Nightlife yesterday are behind bars.” said DCI

The two were spotted by the club supervisor taking the visibly drunk man to his car but was shocked to find one of the women breast feeding him after spraying something on his breasts.

He quickly alerted some of his colleagues who quickly caught up with the women who were running with the man’s ATM card and other personal belongings.

“The two women were spotted by the club supervisor who was concerned after seeing the two forcefully dragging a seemingly too drunk frequent customer to his Toyota Crown, before putting him on the driver’s seat in that drunken state.

But even before he could intervene to stop the man from drink-driving, he was caught agape by a rather unexpected scene of one of the women spraying something on her breasts before she pulled the helpless male to “breastfeed”. The man had then completely passed out.

The supervisor sought the help of a few colleagues to stop the women who were then fleeing the scene after stealing the man’s ATM cards and other personal documents. On being alerted about the incident, police officers from Thika station rushed to the scene where they found the unconscious man lying in his car, with a bottle of alcohol at whose base settled some white precipitate.

More tablets of a yet to identified drug were found on the women. The suspects were rearrested and booked in cells as the heavily drugged man was escorted to hospital. The exhibits have since been taken to the government chemist for analysis.

We wish to caution club-goers, especially men, to be wary of such dangerously seductive criminals who lurk in bar shadows targeting vulnerable cash-rich customers, before drugging them and disappearing with their valuables.

In some unfortunate incidences, victims of stupefying have lost their lives after being heavily drugged, hence the need to exercise caution and always party around known friends who would have your back in case of such danger.” said DCI

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