Friday, July 19, 2024

Stray hyena captured at Mwariki, the old sewage area in Nakuru County

The Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) has captured and safely released a hyena that had been spotted at Mwariki, Nakuru County.

The hyena which looked young as per the pictures shared by KWS was hiding in a miraa shop when the officers captured it before transporting it back to its natural habitat.

“KWS officers successfully rescued a spotted hyena that had strayed into a miraa stall at Mwariki, the old sewage area in Nakuru County.

The hyena was captured and safely transported to Lake Nakuru National Park where it was released back into its natural habitat.” said KWS

The news comes at a time when cases of wildlife animals finding there way into people’s houses have been reported. On social media, Kenyans have shared shocking videos of animals going into their houses before killing their pets and getting out unnoticed.

The recent unconfirmed case was in Ongata Rongai when a lion was spotted by a CCTV camera jumping through the fence before killing a dog and leaving with another animal without causing much commotion.

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