Monday, June 17, 2024

Infant zebra suckling on mother’s carcass rescued by KWS

The Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) Northern Kenya Mobile Vet Unit has recued an infant zebra that was discovered suckling its mother’s carcass.

The vulnerable foal who was stranded beside its mother who had succumbed to postpartum complications was taken to Reteti Animal Rescue Centre.

“Yesterday, KWS Northern Kenya Mobile Vet Unit rescued an infant Grevy’s zebra foal in Lengardae, Samburu.

The heart-warming rescue took place as the orphaned foal was discovered desperately suckling on its mother’s carcass, who had tragically succumbed to postpartum complications.

The dedicated team acted swiftly to secure the vulnerable foal and took it to Reteti Animal Rescue Centre.

This successful rescue not only saved the foal but also emphasized the significance of wildlife conservation and protection ensuring a legacy of thriving biodiversity for generations to come.” said KWS

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