Sunday, May 26, 2024

Huduma Centres Set To Offer Nine Key Judicial Services

Starting January 29, 2024, Kenyans will have convenient access to nine key judicial services at various Huduma Centres nationwide. This initiative aims to streamline and enhance citizens’ interaction with the legal system.

Among the services offered are the filing of new civil cases, submitting documents for existing cases, making general case inquiries, and requesting and receiving mention dates. Additionally, citizens can avail themselves of virtual court support by accessing virtual court links, marking a significant step towards digitizing judicial processes.

A notable inclusion is the service for requesting and receiving sermons to enter appearance. This service facilitates access to notices for divorce cases, extracted court orders, decrees, certified or uncertified proceedings, and copies of rulings or judgments.

The E-filing support service will assist citizens in opening E-filing accounts, recovering accounts and passwords, navigating the system, and utilizing the Judiciary Public Information desk for self-help.

Furthermore, Kenyans can conveniently pay fines and deposits at designated Huduma Centres. This service enables the issuance of payment invoices, and facilitates payments for fines, cash bails, and other deposits in compliance with court orders.

It’s important to note that these services will be exclusively available at Huduma Centres in GPO Nairobi, City Square, Makadara, Kibra, Eastleigh, and Thika, marking a significant stride towards making legal processes more accessible and citizen-friendly.

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