Sunday, May 26, 2024

MKU student among two arrested engaging in fraud

EACC detectives have arrested a Mt. Kenya University student and a Nairobi County revenue staff over fraud allegations.

The revenue officer in conjunction with the intern are reported to have coned a citizen Ksh 45,000 which was meant to be parking fees.

According to EACC, the duo advised the man to deposit the money to the account of the student if he to receive a cheaper payment.

In order for the client to receive the cheaper payment, they would then manipulate the system to reflect that he had paid full amount when in reality he had paid less.

“The suspects entered the registration details of the complainant’s vehicle in the revenue portal which indicated that he had paid. The complainant was able to verify that the portal indicated full payment of the parking fees for the whole year, even without depositing any amount,” said the commission

The duo who were arrested on Monday will remain in custody pending further investigation and arraignment in court.

The commission now believes that the case is one among many at the county level that is preventing the county to meet its targets.

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