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Jowie Irungu’s sentencing postponed to March 13th

The sentencing of Joseph ‘Jowie’ Irungu has on Friday been postponed to Wednesday March 13th as revealed by Judge Grace Nzioka.

Speaking on Friday, Judge Grace Nzioka noted that the court had received late the necessary documents that would guide her deliver the verdict.

At the same time, Jowie changed his counsel who requested to have the pre-sentencing report to issue a reply, a request that was declined by the Judge.

The Judge noted that she is yet to receive a mitigation report from the accused, the family of the deceased businesswoman Monicah Kimani and from the DPP.

The news comes a month after Jowie was found guilty of killing the businesswoman back in September 19th, 2018 at her Lamuria Gardens apartment. He was arrested alongside former Royal Media presenter Jackie Maribe who was acquitted of the charges.

Issuing the Judgment, Judge Nzioka revealed how the evidence and statements collected point to the accused who was not only seen entering the apartment but also dressedas described by those who interacted last with.

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