Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Mulamwah accuses Carol Sonnie of shutting him out

Comedian Mulamwah has accused baby mama Carol Sonnie of shutting him out of supporting their daughter Keila.

The comedian revealed the news as he responded to fan’s question as to whether he supports his daughter.

Responding to the fan, he revealed that the money he sends is usually reversed and even a birthday gift he had sent was returned much to his dismay.

“I try to support but ni hard. Unatuma pesa zinarevasiwa… ata birthday nimetuma gift ikarudisha so inakua tricky sana. Sijui shida wapi jameni.” he said

Responding to the allegations, Carol Sonnie noted that no one should accept gifts that come with disrespect no matter how broke one is.

“Good morning, a quick reminder… no matter how broke you are, never accept offers that come with disrespect,”¬†she said

This is not the first time that the comedian has called out his baby mama for making their relationship with her daughter hard. The two have had a never ending online exchange despite their breakup.

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