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Musalia Mudavadi’s Press Secretary Salim Swaleh arrested over extortion claims

Former NTV journalist and Prime CS Musalia Mudavadi’s Press Secretary Salim Swaleh has been arrested alongside other officials over extortion claims.

This follows allegations that the accused swindled investors by misusing the office and bringing in the investors through fake nametags as revealed by secretary for strategic communication in the Office of the Prime Cabinet Secretary and Ministry of Foreign and Diaspora Affairs (OPCS-MFDA) Peter Warutere.

“A cabal of fraudsters and government officers who facilitated their operations at OPCS-MFDA at Kenya Railways building were arrested yesterday, Saturday, June 22. Further investigations by relevant law enforcement agencies are ongoing to track and arrest other conspirators who may have been involved.

The arrests followed a tipoff that alerted OPCS-MFDA security, who then mounted intense surveillance at the OPCS-MFDA Railways Office to disrupt the reported nefarious acts of impersonation and misuse of the facility by the fraudsters.” he said

Investigation into the incident revealed how the investors would be brought in the Railways Building to meet top government officials to obtain favours in exchange of bribe.

The surveillance was able to also track and identify their co-conspirators, among them Government officers who facilitated their dastardly. Those arrested include Salim Swaleh, Director of OPCS Press Service, in whose office the swindlers were found nested with fake door switch nametags,” said Peter.

The accused also rented the space to other fraudsters to conduct their business and upon their arrest, they attempted to bribe their way out.

“Upon being smoked out in one of the OPCS-MFDA Railway offices where the confidence tricksters had settled in wait for their victims on Saturday, the group had the audacity of attempting to bribe their way out.” said Peter

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