Mwangaza is a victim of Meru patriarchal culture, says Donald Kipkorir

Lawyer Donald Kipkorir has come to the defense of Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza saying she is a victim of patriarchal culture.

According to the lawyer, Meru and Kisii happen to be the only regions that don’t elect women at all level of the government.

“Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza is a victim of Meru patriarchal culture … Meru & Kisii are the two tribes in Kenya that don’t elect women at all levels of Government.” he said

He continued by saying that Governor Mwangaza has shuttered the ceiling by holding a high office all alone and there is no one to protect her.

Lawyer Donald Kipkorir has called on Senate Speaker Amason Kingi to hold the falling ceiling of the Governor and that the Meru MCAs should be red carded for their actions.

“H.E Kawira Mwangaza shattered the ceiling but was alone .. There was no one to protect her from the falling ceiling! The Senate under my friend H.E Amason Kingi has a duty to hold the falling ceiling.

Meru men through their idle MCAs must be red carded. Let the Lady be. Her name is in the History books as the Lady who shattered Meru masculinity.” he said

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