NCIC disassociates itself from alleged ban on the term ‘Tugege’

The National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) has disassociated itself from alleged plan to ban the term ‘Tugege’ as revealed by the commission.

“We wish to correct the information being peddled through social media to the effect that the NCIC is planning to ban the term “Tugege”. The Commission disassociates itself from these allegations. Kindly ignore them.” said NCIC

The commission was speaking in response to a post by blogger Cyprian Nyakundi who said that NCIC was planning to ban the term following complaints by some leaders. He continued by saying that those who will use the term face arrest and prosecution.

“NCIC is alleged to be planning to ban the use of the term ‘Tugege’ after complaints from some leaders. Those who use it will likely face arrest and prosecution,” said Naykundi

Even though the meaning of term remains unknown, it has regularly been used to refer to those supporting a political party from Mt. Kenya.

NCIC has been known for declaring a ban on some of the words being used and shared on social media as was the list that it shared last year. Some of the words banned include hatupangwingwi and watu wa kurusha mawe.

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