Saturday, April 20, 2024

Part 1: The State of Love These Days

RIP love. Unknown statistics say many people are deprived of love. Conjugal love – that one of the relationships. These days, you must clarify anything because somebody might find you offensive with everything. They can take you even to court!

How is your relationship with the other gender? For me, I miss love. I miss that one somebody that we will go a distance. My promise would be never to give up on her, keep up with her flaws (saying from a pure heart), but expect her to change reasonably soon as a human with a mind. I’ll take care of us, I swear. The emptiness of love can be sad.

But why aren’t we trying to fix this? Because it is upon us. Or are you waiting for the government like you always do? This thing is decisional. Come on. Why are men ignoring the shorries like never before? I don’t know how they are dealing with it if, in case, they thrive on attention saying is true. I doubt it, but I empathize.

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If you look around, you cannot miss a view of Canaan because many of them really walk naked. This nakedness is preconditioned to impress the majority of men who are busy ignoring them, pushing them to go hard on it, and that is why everything external gets longer. I used Canaan there because that is the only land we are sure has honey and milk. You must clarify everything you know.

Today, we were living when we saw a woman with big nyash, the Riddim type. She had ‘respectable clothes.’ Then we saw another with the king of shortest, exposing fresh thigh lands but irritating if she was your girlfriend. I don’t know if many people will find her comfortable or suitable for a wife. That is how three of the single but wanting hearts of men eliminated her from the possible target list. In the game, you try to be all your honest lest you’ll lose sanity.

It is almost true that the words men and list are related, and possible targets are dominant vocabularies in there. He must always hunt for the good of his people. Building wealth is hard. You have tested it, and you know.

I would go with the Riddim bomper babe, but she is always talking with men. Ladies.., does associating with men 24/7 mean you are a poko?. Answer me if you promise that; this time, you are telling the truth.

Men often view women talking to multiple men promiscuous when taken into a relationship. Is this true? What if they are always in the interview process before finally settling with you? Go for that woman you desire and throw your lines. She is waiting for you. I have never seen someone with frequent talks – the extremes – talk their entire life. At some point, you must keep quiet. She was vetting them, and because you believe in yourself, you will make her yours.

It is hard for women to come to you guys. They were made with something like fear and ego. Very complicated but enjoyable, fragile before you when love is at its maximum. Find a woman to submit to you. Fools didn’t say, “Love is a beautiful thing.” We could never have picked it.

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