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Police bow to pressure and release demonstrators

The police were on Tuesday put under pressure leading to the release of several demonstrators who had been arrested at the Nairobi Central Business District (CBD).

Confirming the news was the Law Society of Kenya (LSK) President Faith Odhiambo who said that they have secured the release of several protestors from several police station within the City.

She continued by saying that the society will hold a vigil at the Central Police Station if the police decline to release all the demonstrators.

“After a long day of dedicated efforts from members of the LSK across Nairobi, we are happy to inform the public that the protestors are currently being released from Kilimani, Kamukunji and Central Police Stations,” said LSK President Faith Odhiambo

According to Faith Odhiambo, she will ensure that the rights of the people is respected and that the rule of law is adhered to.

“We remain steadfast in ensuring the rule of law is not circumvented and the rights of our people are respected.

We appreciate the support and encouragement from the public and laud all the brave Advocates who came out today to stand for what is right,” she said

Nairobi Regional Commander Adamson Bungei has been accused by LSK of interfering with the demonstrations and deploying his officers unlawfully so as to interfere with the day’s activities.

“We demand that Bungei calls off his directive immediately and instructs his officers to stand down from making any arbitrary arrest or meting violence against the protestors.

We are closely monitoring today’s events and will take legal action to find Bungei and any officer who violates the rights of the protestors on account of his instructions personally liable for any breaches of the Constitution and the National Police Service Act.” said LSK

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