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President Ruto vows to deal with corrupt judicial officers

President William Ruto has vowed to deal with corrupt judicial officers frustrating his development agenda of the country.

In his speech, the Head of State noted that it the corrupt judicial officers that are now denying Kenyans development by challenging his agenda mean to move the country forward.

This follows the temporary implementation of the Universal Health Care and affordable housing project, two of President William Ruto’s ideas saying that he will not allow the trend to continue.

“Our Judiciary, we respect you but judicial impunity by corrupt judicial officers must stop in Kenya…we’ll stop it and whatever it takes,” he said

Despite the matter being before the court, the Head of State noted that it is a few individuals who have blocked the implementation of his agenda that need serious discussions.

“Ati watu wachache, wawili watatu wameenda kortini, wakahongana kortini mipango hiyo ikasimamishwa…barabara ikasimamishwa, Universal Health Coverage ikasimamishwa, mambo ya housing inasimamishwa…lazima tuulizane, lazima tuwe na mjadala,” he continued

Corrupt individuals were also accused of stealing 50% of NHIF funds through allocation of fake hospitals and doctors.

“Ati watu wachache wameenda kortini na majamaa watatu wenye wamezoea kufuja pesa ya NHIF… sasa 50 per cent ya pesa ya NHIF wao ndio wamekuwa wakiiba…we have had fake hospitals…fake doctors,” he said

The news comes at the backdrop of the government accusing the opposition of sabotaging their plans for a better Kenya including the just planned demonstrations by the opposition.

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