Monday, June 17, 2024

LSK to protest over President Ruto’s attack on Judiciary

The Law Society of Kenya (LSK) will next week hold protest over President William Ruto’s attack on Judiciary.

Confirming the news was LSK President Eric Theuri who called its members to participate in the countrywide protest to affirm their oath to defend the constitution, rule of law and independence of Judiciary.

“The Law Society of Kenya will call its members to a countrywide peaceful purple ribbon protest march next week to affirm our oath publicly to defend the constitution, rule of law & the independence of the Judiciary.” he said

Speaking on the same was LSK deputy President Faith Odhiambo who called on the President to recall his statement saying that it will form a bad precedent.

“We’re concerned as LSK that we begin the year with a dark cloud hovering around the justice system following remarks by the President. Those remarks are a threat to the rule of law…we want the President to retract or else they will send very bad signals.

We remind the President that the same courts upheld his own election based on impartiality and at one time nullified another. The President should refrain from undermining the Judiciary.” she said

According to Theuri, the President should provide evidence of corruption in JSC but him saying he will not obey court orders then what makes of mama mboga seeking justice in court.

“We call upon the President of Kenya to avail evidence of corruption to JSC. When a hyena wants to eat its children, it starts telling them that they smell like sheep,” he said

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