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Raila breaks silence over President Ruto’s attack on Judiciary

Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga has termed President William Ruto’s remarks on Judiciary as unacceptable.

Speaking from Mombasa, the former Prime Minister noted that the attack by the Head of State was a sign of an impending absolute dictatorship in the country.

He continued by recalling past regimes where Judges would be sacked, threatened or even poisoned for delivering rulings that are against the government.

“In other words, Ruto wants to establish an absolute dictatorship. Kenyans know we have been here before. We have seen days when judges heard cases in the dead of the night, way past official working hours and sent opponents of the State to jail.

Kenyans know we have seen days when judges got transferred, sacked or, even got poisoned for delivering rulings that did not favour the State.

The current level of political and personal attacks on the Judiciary by Mr Ruto is therefore completely unacceptable. Ruto has crossed the line and we will not allow it.” said Raila

According to the ODM party leader, the utterances by the President are meant to make Judges not to hear cases against him, dismiss them or rule in his favour.

“This is about where Ruto wishes to take Kenya and what it means for Kenyans. Having captured Parliament, Ruto now wants to intimidate, subdue and capture the Judiciary. He wants Judges not to hear cases against his policies, dismiss such cases or always rule in his favour,” he said

President William Ruto was once again accused of turning his back against the same people he promised not to interfere in their duties even after stamping his victory in the Supreme Court ruling.

“Ruto’s entire political career has been saved by the Judiciary… After executing a civilian coup in the election of 2022 and receiving backing from the Judiciary in the illegality, Ruto has now turned upon the institution he deceptively seduced with false assurances that he had credentials in the rule of law.” said Raila

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