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President William Ruto insists on no handshake with Raila

President William Ruto has once again insisted that there will be no handshake between him and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga.

Speaking on Tuesday, the Head of State also noted that he will not have discussions with certain politicians seeking government positions for their own interests.

“Kuna majamaa wanatuzungusha ati wanataka tuongee… ati ndio kazi ipatikane. Mnataka tuendelee na hii mambo ya nusu mkate? Hiyo watu nimewaambia wakwende kabisa. Kazi ya viongozi tulimaliza last year tarehe tisa mwezi wa nane,” said Ruto

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The statement was also confirmed by his Deputy Rigathi Gachagua who trashed the ongoing bipartisan talks between the government and Azimio.

He confirmed that both Raila and Ruto met in Mombasa and the two have agreed on a deal thus making the ongoing talks a waste of time from both parties involved as nothing tangible will come out of it.

“Raila tayari alisema mambo yake. Alimalizia Mombasa. Hii ni mambo tu ya kuzungusha wakenya. There is nothing. Na ndio maana umeona sisi tumetuma Kimani Ichung’wa, Cheruiyot, Mbarire…. Mimi na Rais tuko kazini. Mazungumzo ikiendelea kesho tutakua Nakuru, kesho kutwa tutakua Baringo, siku ya Saturday tutakua Busia mambo ya maendeleo,” said Gachagua

Gachagua continued by calling on Kalonzo Musyoka to stop being used by the former Prime Minister who he accused on tabling matters that do only benefit him and his family.

“Sasa Kalonzo, kiongozi wa heshima, mtu amesoma, mtu wa sheria, amepewa agenda kwenda kuzungumza mambo ya kuzunguka round. Raila hakuna kitu anatafuta, alitaka tumpatie serikali nusu mkate tukasema hakuna.

Alitaka ati handshake tukamwambia hakuna. Akasema ambassador tatu tukamwambia hakuna. Tukasema ukitaka pesa kidogo ya kukula we can discuss, ukienda nyumbani. Aende akiendanga.” he said

The Deputy President has led in the fight against any possible power sharing agreement with the Head of State saying such deals saw deep issues with the previous regime.

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