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President William Ruto trademarks mambo ni matatu phrase

President William Ruto has moved to court to trademark the famous mambo ni matatu phrase earning himself exclusive rights to use the phrase.

Revealing the news was his lawyer Adrian Kamotho who noted that anyone planning to use it will first need permission as well as gesture the three fingers affirming the number.

The phrase became popular during President William Ruto’s working visit of Western Kenya where he warned sugar cartels against misappropriating public funds for the own gain when the industries are in ruins.

During his statement, the President noted that mambo ni matatu for the cartels who should either leave the country, go to jail or fly to heaven.

The phrase drew mixed reactions as it could be translated that the cartels could be killed if they persist in their dealings. Few weeks after the statements, those linked with the sugar companies withdrew court cases against the government.

In his speech later, the President remained firm in his statement promising to never apologize as it was the truth that the cartels should understand moving forward.

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