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President William Ruto warns visitors of roaming Nairobi lions

President William Ruto has on Monday shared a light moment with visitors of the Africa Climate Summit in Nairobi warning them of roaming lions.

Speaking from Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC), the Head of State told the delegates on how beautiful the city is surrounded by a forest on one side and a national park on the other side.

“Nairobi is a very interesting city, on one side there’s a full canopy forest and on another side, we have a wildlife national park,”¬†he said

He continued by telling them how at time the lions at the Nairobi National park sometimes break and roam around the city.

He was warning the delegates to be careful of the roaming lions especially when doing their morning walks.

We keep the wildlife in the park because we have a fence, but sometimes wildlife break away from the fence. While doing your morning walk you might encounter a lion, please be careful, it is wild,” said President William Ruto

A look into the President’s joke reveals past experiences where the lions have strayed from the park and into human residents.

In 2017 a lion was spotted in Ongata Rongai area and in 2019 another lion killed a man after straying from the park.

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