Friday, July 19, 2024

Private hospitals withdraw NHIF services, insist on cash basis

Private hospitals in the country have withdrawn NHIF services citing difficulty in maintaining business.

Rural Private Hospitals Association of Kenya has made good its threat saying that NHIF holders will only receive treatment if they provide cash. They decried over failure by NHIF to settle previous claims.

Private hospitals insist that the same requirement has been imposed to outpatient and inpatient patients including cancer patients. They will however continue to provide emergency services.

“We are not able to continue with the services that we were giving Kenyans, it’s not that we are not willing, we are just not able to.” said Keny Health Foundation CEO Dr Tim Theuri.

“Most of the providers in healthcare are SMEs and they cannot sustain prolonged credit periods. If you go outside the 90-days period that the NHIF contract provides then we begin to have problems bc people are not able to,” he continued

Even though the decision is tough, they noted that it was necessary as they are facing financial constraints to maintain quality services at the facilities.

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