Sunday, April 14, 2024

Ruto promises to transform Kibera into an estate in 10 years

President William Ruto has on Sunday revealed his plans of Kibera and other slams in the city of Nairobi.

Speaking during a Sunday Church service at Deliverance Church International, Lang’ata, Nairobi, the Head of State noted that in 10 years he would have transformed Kibera and other slams in Nairobi to estates.

“Hii Kibera iko hapa na zile slums ziko Nairobi, in ten years there will be no slum in that area. We will have changed it to be an estate. And God will help us to make it possible,”  said President William Ruto

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The President continued by reaffirming his position that the Housing Project started by his administration does not only build affordable houses but also provides employment for the youth.

“The housing project only has two aims, It’s not just to build more houses but to create more employment opportunities,”

“It will help youths get jobs, Kenyans will get houses and live in respectable places where there is water, electricity and roads. As for now we have about 6 million Kenyans living in slums and we must be concerned about them,”  said the President

Last week President William Ruto confirmed that 70,000 units are at their advanced stages. “The Affordable Housing Project is on course. So far, 70,000 units are at advanced stages of construction across the country.” he said

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