Sunday, April 21, 2024

Sakaja orders arrest of Kenyans recording Kanjos during raid

Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja has ordered County Askaris to arrest Kenyans recording them during raids effective 1st April 2024.

Speaking on Monday, the Governor noted that some business people have resorted to the use of drama when Kanjos raid their establishment thus interfering with their operations.

“Those people recording you arrest them too, that is obstruction of enforcement of justice. Do your work!,” said Sakaja

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He continued by taking note of how some people have resorted to the use of videos so as to chase clout on the internet as has been the case lately.

According to the Nairobi Governor the incidents are hindering the Askaris from delivering their mandate and thus should arrest those recording them as he will fully support their decisions.

The news follows recent videos circulating on the internet of Kenyans in the hands of Kanjos who claim that only through the videos will the Askaris stop harassing them.

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