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Senator Gloria Orwoba takes action against Quiver Lounge

Senator Gloria Orwoba has taken action against Quiver Lounge after its manager was accused of demanding sex from female employees.

On Thursday afternoon, made a visit to the premise where it was agreed that the manager has been suspended pending further investigations, employees whose contracts were terminated will be recalled and that they will be reinstated.

“I followed up on the allegations about the Quiver Lounge Manager in Kitengela who has allegedly been demanding sex in exchange for employment to the female workers. Early this afternoon I was at the establishment in Kitengela; the following actions have been taken;

1. The manager in question has been suspended pending investigations

2. All the workers whose contracts were terminated in relation to this manager have been recalled to meet the proprietor.

3. The proprietor has assured me that he will reinstate the workers.” she said

The action by the Senator follows a video by one lady revealing the allegations at the premise where her friend worked.

She continued by revealing how some of the female employees have been fired for refusing to sleep with the manager.

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