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Suspect behind Chandarana supermarket manager’s death arrested

DCI detectives have arrested Joseph Mungai Wanjira, a 25-year-old suspect behind the murder of Chandarana supermarket manager in Naivasha.

Joseph was aflushed out of his hideout where items belonging to the deceased were recovered including a TV set, a 6kg Pro Gas, a Samsung tablet, a hoodie branded NASA and a blood-stained bag.

“A 25-year-old Robbery with Violence suspect believed to have murdered the manager of Chandarama Supermarket located within Buffalo Mall in Naivasha on May 22, 2024 has been arrested.

Joseph Mungai Wanjira was flushed out of his hideout within Naivasha town at 1pm today, following days of scrupulous search for the cold-blooded killer. In the May 22 incident, workers at the supermarket had arrived at the Mall early that morning, hoping to find the doors open as was norm.

After waiting up long enough, they decided to call the manager on duty (the late Mr Hassan Abdullatif Salim) to find out why he was taking too long to report to work. His phone went unanswered, prompting a few supervisors to check him out at his house.

Shock struck when they were met with blood spots at the door, although the house was locked. Police in Naivasha were informed. They rushed to the scene, and upon forcing entry, found the body of the 38-year-old manager sprawled on the floor in a pool of blood, cold.

Signs of struggle depicting an attack were evident, with various household items notably missing. Crucial evidence including the retrieval of CCTV footages were obtained and the scene documented by CSI detectives, as pursuit for the perpetrator(s) commenced.

Today, intelligence analysis gave away the prime suspect, in whose possession were found most of the items stolen from the deceased’s house including a TV set, a 6kg Pro Gas, a Samsung tablet, a hoodie branded NASA and a blood-stained bag.” said DCI

The suspect also led the detectives to the scene of the crime where two weapons used to commit the crime were recovered.

“After a brief interrogation, the suspect led detectives to the scene of crime (deceased’s house), retrieving the two murder weapons he had used (kitchen knife and a piece of wood).

Further documentation of the scene has since been conducted and the suspect booked in Naivasha police cells pending arraignment for Robbery with Violence.” said DCI

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