Thursday, July 25, 2024

Suspected al-Shabaab militants kill two in Lamu

Suspected al-Shabaab militants have reigned terror in Lamu killing two people and torching several houses on Monday night.

The terrorist are reported to have been heavily armed during the 6:30 am incident forcing residents to take cover in the nearby forest.

Two people plying the Lamu-Witu road were attacked by the terrorists who slit their throats open, killing them on the spot.

The militants who are estimated to be between 30 to 60 stole a number of household items including solar panels, televisions, maize flour and goats making their way out.

They then attacked a GSU camp in Pandannguo but their attempts were repulsed by the police who opened fired forcing them to take the high road.

It has since been established that no casualties were reported as most of them living inside an IDP camp in Salama village.

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