Monday, June 17, 2024

Tahmeed bus from Kitale to Malindi burst into flames at Voi

A bus belonging to Tahmeed bus company heading to Malindi from Kitale on Sunday burst into flames in Voi raising more questions than answers about the long distance buses.

Confirming the incident was Tahmeed Bus Company which said that the incident happened at around 4:00 am near Voi.

““We are deeply sorry to inform you that one of our buses travelling from Kitale to Malindi experienced a fire incident earlier today. The bus caught fire around 4:00 AM near the Voi area.” read the statement.

They continued by confirming that all the passengers onboard were safe before continuing their journey using alternative buses.

“We are grateful for the swift action that ensured everyone’s safety. Our teams assisted these passengers with completing their journey on alternative buses,” they said

The incident has raised concerns as to whether the buses are properly serviced as this is not an isolated incident with others involving stalled buses.

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