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The Judiciary is sabotaging the Executive, says Kimani Ichung’wa

Kikuyu MP and the National Assembly Majority Leader Kimani Ichung’wa has accused the Judiciary for sabotaging the work of the Executive and Legislature.

“What we have seen has nothing to do with the independence of the Judiciary. This is judicial overreach. They have overreached their mandate and are now sabotaging the work of the Executive, Legislature and sabotaging the jobs created for the millions of youth in our country,” he said

The vocal MP was speaking in regard to the recent ruling ending the housing fund levy introduced by the government and recent proposal to deploy Kenyan police to Haiti for peace making mission.

According to the Kikuyu MP, the verdicts were derailing the government agendas meant to benefit Kenyans and create jobs for the youths.

“I want to plead with you, Your Excellency; don’t allow your government to be sabotaged or undermined by cartels and masters of State capture, either through Judiciary or even in the Legislature. Kaa ngumu rais!” he continued

Ichung’wa was speaking in Meru County hinted the possibility of slashing the Judiciary budget that was to be increased as promised by President William during their recent meeting with the CJ at State House.

“Najua ulifanya mkutano na hawa watu na ulisema utawaongezea pesa lakini kama unataka kuwaongezea pesa na hiyo pesa itakuja kufanyiwa budget kwa Bunge na mahali pesa inatoka ni kwa ushuru na hii Judiciary ndio inasimamisha ushuru….mimi naona hapo tutakosana kidogo. Ikifika Bunge tutafungafunga,” he said

It is the position of MP’s allied to the President that the housing fund project is here to stay and that nothing will stop it.

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