Two Nairobi police officers arrested over Ksh 300K extortion bid

Two regular police officers in Nairobi have been arrested by EACC over a Ksh 300,000 extortion bid as filled by a member of public.

Raphael Nzioka and Nancy Kerubo based in Eastleigh North Police Station are reported to have confisticate the complaints phones worth Ksh 300,000 and demanded a bribe of Ksh 100,000 to release them.

“Following investigations into a complaint received from a member of the public on 18th October 2023, EACC has arrested two Regular Police officers namely PC Raphael Nzioka (No. 67335) and PC Nancy Kerubo (No. 245796), based in Eastleigh North Police Station, Starehe Sub-County.

The two were apprehended in the evening of Thursday, 19th October 2023 for extorting money and goods from a local businessman operating a mobile phone shop in Nairobi CBD.

The suspects reportedly visited the complainant’s shop and confiscated the complainant’s stock of mobile phones valued at Kes.300,000 without any justifiable cause and went away with it.

Subsequently, the officers demanded a bribe of Kes.100,000 from the complainant in order to return the confiscated stock of mobile phones prompting the trader to seek help from the Commission.” Said EACC

EACC took note of the increasing cases of police officers extorting members of the public as they urged police commanders to ensure that their juniors do not engage in such acts.

“The Commission is increasingly receiving reports of outright extortion by police officers who are not investigating anything touching on the victims. The emerging trend shows that it is no longer bribery to forbear law enforcement action, but pure extortion of money from citizens who are not facing any legitimate accusation of violating the law.

To mitigate this menace and alleviate the pain visited upon citizens by such incidents, EACC expects Police Commanders at all levels to take up the responsibility of ensuring that officers under their command refrain from such despicable acts that are not only criminal but also immoral.” said EACC

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