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Why did Eric Maigo sneak a minor to his home? says Miguna Miguna

Lawyer Dr. Miguna Miguma has raised questions into the death of Nairobi Hospital Acting Finance Director Eric Maigo and identification of suspect into his death.

Miguna called out DCI for labeling the suspect a murderer when they have not posed to ask themselves why the victim sneaked a minor into his home in the first place.

“To the ⁦DCI Kenya⁩: You have identified this MINOR as Ann Adhiambo. Why have you dubbed her a murderer without first investigating whether Maigo, a man the age of her father, was a PEDOPHILE who had ABUSED and/or RAPED her? Why did he sneak a MINOR to his house at night?” said Miguna

According to Miguna, Maigo could have threatened or actually defiled the suspect identified as Ann Adhiambo who defended herself killing him with a knife.

“If Maigo had threatened to rape or actually raped the 15-17 year old Ann Adhiambo, she would have been within her right to DEFEND herself, including killing him with a knife.

CIRCUMSTANTIAL EVIDENCE points at a notorious pedophile who went to a local Bar and picked up a VULNERABLE CHILD he believed he could abuse without her being able to defend herself, or obtain JUSTICE after the fact.

In such circumstances, the society must PROTECT the CHILD; not the pedophile. The case of Epstein in the US opened our eyes to horrendous abuse of minors that must never be tolerated, excused, justified, or dismissed,” he said

On Friday, police recovered clothes worn by the suspect as captured on camera at his Kibra house. The suspect is still at large.

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