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Zambia’s Foreign Minister Stanley Kakubo resigns over alleged corruption

Zambia’s Foreign Minister Stanley Kakubo has resigned following a leaked video showing him receiving cash from a Chinese businessman.

Even though the Minister has not denied the allegations, he noted that he was now facing graft allegations thus the need to step aside so as not to distract the government from delivering its mandate.

In the video, two men could be seen sitting on a table before a stack of cash believed to be in dollars and Kwacha was passed under the table.

It did not take long before people speculated on social media that the man was Mr. Kakubo and that he was receiving the cash from a Chinese businessman.

Those following up on the issue questioned as to whether taxes were paid according and why was the transaction done in cash and not through a bank transfer.

“In due course, we will provide the accurate context surrounding the recent developments,” the Minister was quoted by the Lusaka Times. President Hichilema accepted his resignation.

This is not the first time that Mr. Stanley Kakubo has been linked to corruption as last year he was accused of receiving bribe after he was spotted leaving a Chinese company with a briefcase whose content were never known.

The allegations were quickly put to rest by the President who said that he had received a diary and a calendar.

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