Friday, July 19, 2024

Alabama executes death row inmate using nitrogen hypoxia

The US has made history after an Alabama death row inmate Kenneth Eugene Smith was executed using nitrogen gas.

The execution of the 58-year-old went ahead despite his initial request at the court of appeal not to undergo through he experimental gas.

Smith has been behind bars for three decades after he was convicted for the murder of a preacher’s wife back in 1988.

It was the second time that he attempted to halt the execution before the supreme court paved the way for the use of the experimental gas.

In November 2022 Kenneth Smith survived a lethal injection after the doctors administering it poked to find the right injection without success until the exercise was eventually called off.

Speaking to the Guardian, Smith revealed that he is still suffering from the first botched execution and that he is having nightmares thinking of the Wednesday exercise.

“I’m still suffering from the first execution and now we’re doing this again. They won’t let me even have post-traumatic stress disorder,” he said

The news was also confirmed by his spiritual advisor Rev. Jeff Hood who said that he is disturbed but at peace.

“He’s terrified at the torture that could come. But he’s also at peace. One of the things he told me is he is finally getting out,” said Hood

Nitrogen is a gas used to execute animals, an exercise that has been termed cruel and the most inhumane way to day when it comes to humans.

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