Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Andrew Kibe’s You Tube channel terminated over violation

Controversial content creator Andrew Kibe’s You Tube channel has been terminated over violation of terms and use of the platform.

As at the time of the news, the You Tube channel had garnered over 474,000 subscribers and had posted over 3,100 videos taking on matters current affairs, relationships and celebrities.

The news has been received with mixed feeling as the former radio presenter confirmed that he will continue producing live streams on other platforms.

“Train ili toka stenje kitambo, hizi ni kelele za chura. Time ya LIVE ni ile ile aisay.

Have been testing out the live feature on and I am confident we shall be going LIVE this Friday. Sign up there and start uploading your content. We are the content cartel! Meanwhile, catch me tonight same time here on X, Rumble, Instagram and TikTok. The train left the station bruh,” said Kibe

Andrew Kibe rose to farm after moving to the US where his content has been compared to Andrew Tate and has been calling out famous local celebrities including Diana, Bahati and Mike Sonko.

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