Thursday, July 25, 2024

Anne Muthoni, woman in viral video released on Ksh 200k cash bail

Anne Muthoni, the woman caught on camera hurling insults has on Wednesday been released on Ksh 200,000.

The woman had been charged with threatening to kill as heard in the viral videos that have become a topic of discussion among Kenyans who shared mixed reaction to her actions especially due to the presence of her children.

In one video, Muthoni could be heard hurling insults to a police officer and an armed police officer at a parking lot before calling on the person holding the camera to stop recording the incident.

In the second video, she confronted the apartment management before calling on her gun and even moving inside the house to collect it.

Kenyans on social media called on her immediate arrest after it emerged that she was in possession of a gun. Other called for protection of her children who could be growing in a toxic environment.

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